What is a Hyperlink?

A Hyperlink is a short url that redirects you to any website. When your Hyperlinks are clicked on, they send you a notification with information about the click (location, referrer, etc).

Notifications are delievered immediately (or hourly / daily / weekly depending on your settings).

Where can I use Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks can be used and shared anywhere. Get push notifications when people click on links you share on Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Pinterest, SMS & more.

How much does Hyperlink cost ?

Hyperlink is free to use for unlimited links and clicks. If you'd like a custom domain for your Hyperlinks - check out our pricing page.

How much traffic can a Hyperlink handle?

Hyperlink scales automatically to handle millions of clicks. Hyperlink is built on Google's Cloud Platform and redirects in milliseconds.

What if I get too many notifications?

You can update your settings to recieve to weekly, daily, or hourly click summaries instead of getting notified per-click. You can also turn off notifications per link.

Is Hyperlink only available on mobile devices?

Hyperlink is available on iOS and Android. We also have a Chrome extension and a web app. Notifications are delivered to your mobile device, or to a Slack channel.

Can I use Hyperlink with my own domain?

Yes. Hyperlink supports creating links with your own custom domain instead of using Hyperlink branded links. Set up your custom domain here.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. You will be downgraded to using Hyperlink branded links.

Is Hyperlink SEO friendly?

Yes, Hyperlink redirects are blazing fast and pass page rank.

Does Hyperlink have an API?

Yes, Hyperlink has an api you can use to send yourself push notifications. Read our documentation for more information.

An api for Hyperlink creation is coming soon. In the meantime you can use our Zapier Integration to create Hyperlinks programmatically.

Does Hyperlink have an affiliate program?

Yes, shoot us an email at affiliate@usehyperlink.com and we'll send you an affiliate link you can share with your audience.

Try Hyperlink today.